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Technical stuff

08-10-2013: USA; Rack and pinion oil leakage
10-01-2014: Mexico; Rear brake pads replacement
11-01-2014: Mexico; Webasto diesel heating repair
21-02-2014: USA; 6 new tires

11-10-2014: Different car

13-10-2014: USA; New tires
19-12-2014: USA; New front shocks
21-04-2016: USA; New shocks rear

As of Oktober 11th 2014 we exchanged our Toyota Landcruiser for a new travel vehicle being a Toyota Tundra (initial km 26.483)

21-02-2014: USA; 4 new tires

Oil changes and routine maintenance are not included in the following list.

Rack and pinion oil leakage
USA, Los Angeles
315,922 km (08-10-2013)
The car suffers a while from oil leakage from the rack and pinion.
At first a few drops but now we need to refill twice a week. Repairing is a specialis job. Ideal to have it done in LA. The Landcruiser Association knows a mecanic who can do the job. And yes, after one day the problem has been fixed.

Rear brake pads replacement
Mexico, Campeche
324.330 km (10-01-2014)
The brake pads start to make a little noise as a sign of wear. Replaced them for new ones.

Webasto diesel heating repair
Mexico, Campeche
324,330 km (11-01-2014)
Already for a while our Webasto diesel heating generates an error code F03 and won't go. This failure code means that the Webasto is detecting an under voltage (less than 10 Volt). This is weird because the multi meter tells me I am having a voltage of 12.6V. The internet provides us with the solution. It seems that with wiring being too thin the Webasto cannot draw enough current resulting in this nasty F03 code. And indeed when connecting the Webasto direct to a solitary battery with proper wiring it works just fine. So now I connected the Webasto direct on the accessory batteries with proper wiring (fused, don't worry). In working order again.

6 new tires
USA, Tucson
328,648 km (22-02-2014)
Over the course of time we have all kinds of brands of tires. In front 2x Dunlop, rear 2x Hankook, trailer and spares 4x BF Goodrich. The Dunlops and Hankook tires are pretty much OK. But when we drive to the Discount Tire Centre one of the Hankook is punctured by a razor blade. Unreparable! The BF Goodrich tires are totally worn out. So we decide to buy 6 new tires. Again we take Hankook tires because they last long (61.600 km and not worn out yet). The Dunlops are being moved to the trailer. The spares and the car are getting new shoes.
Interesting detail: a similar tire in The Netherlands will cost us USD 247,- (mounting included). Here in the USA the same tire costs us USD 139,50 (mounting included)!

As of Oktober 11th 2014 we exchanged our Toyota Landcruiser for a new travel vehicle being a Toyota Tundra (initial km 26.483)

4 new tires
USA, New Hampshire
27,026 km (13-10-2014)
The tires of the Tundra are dried out leading to cracks in the rubber. We do not take any risk and replace the tires.
Two airbags have been mounted on the rear leaf springs in orer to support the weight of the camper.

Nieuwe schokbrekers voor
USA, Houston
30.026 km (19-12-2014)
Front shocks replaced by adjustable Rancho's for better comfort.

Nieuwe schokbrekers achter
USA, Houston
36.100 km (21-04-2016)
Rear shocks too replaced by adjustable Rancho's.

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