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Our slogan is: the wheels need to roll.
This means while traveling we feel fine.
After our first overland experience we had this ultimate desire: to travel for ever without an end date.
Right away you think: this is not possible. For instance finance, we don't have enough money for that.
How about children, friends and other people we know?
We do not want to lose them.

We found a solution for all of that.
Our children will visit us during our travels and we will be home on a regular basis.
We decided to be a bit selfish and to live our dream.

Our approach:
- We sold our house
- To invest in our car because this is our new home
- Satellite internet for the daily e-mail and telephone traffic
- A website to allow family and friends to follow us
- Not visiting less safe countries
- Buying condos in order to generate an income
- No pre-planned routes. The route will emerge while driving
- Live low budget
- Most importantly: HAVING FUN!!!
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