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South Africa:
Dec 2017: How many African people fit in the back of a pickup truck?
Dec 2017: Scenic drive at the Chapmans Peak Drive, Cape Town
Dec 2017: Arrival at our rental cottage in West Coast National Park
Dec 2017: Wildlife in our backyard in West Coast National Park
Dec 2017: Dangerous bush fire near our campground.
Dec 2017: Scenic route Gannaga pass.
Dec 2017: Put this on your bucket-list: Eat till you drop.
Dec 2017: Scenic route Swartberg Pass
Dec 2017: How to make an omelette out of an Ostrich Egg?
Jan 2018: Baboon on the loose
Jan 2018: Campground with wild animals in Marakele Nat. Park
Jan 2018: Strange birds
Jan 2018: Elephants crossing the road
Jan 2018: Big 5: Lions
Jan 2018: Big 5: Buffalos
Jan 2018: Big 5: Leopard
Jan 2018: Big 5: Elephants
Jan 2018: Big 5: Rhinos
Jan 2018: Non-Big 5: Cheetas
Jan 2018: Non-Big 5: Giraffes
Jan 2018: Non-Big 5: Hippos
Jan 2018: Non-Big 5: Monkees
Jan 2018: Non-Big 5: Zebras
Jan 2018: Non-Big 5: Warthogs
Jan 2018: Animals on the campground in Cape Vidal
Jan 2018: Traffic jam
Jan 2018: Dung beetles
Jan 2018: Dassies
Jan 2018: On the wrong side of the road
Feb 2018: Buying a fish
Oct 2018: Rhinos are impressive animals
Oct 2018: Taking a shower between wild elephants
Oct 2018: Cameleon
Oct 2018: Cars lined up for petrol in Zimbabwe
Oct 2018: Lioness with cubs
Oct 2018: Lioness being attacked by buffalos
Oct 2018: Hyena begging for food at campsite
Nov 2018: Giraffe crossing
Nov 2018: Vultures fighting over a dead hyena
Nov 2018: Lionesses greeting one another
Nov 2018: The white lion and the dog
Nov 2018: Lesotho
Nov 2018: Weaver bird nest
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